Woman Flips Car, Loses Tires, Drives Wrong Way on Highway, Hits Another Car, Keeps Going




An Akron woman pulled off a stunning trifecta of hazardous and horrendous driving mishaps yesterday that luckily left no one severely injured or dead.

Police say that a woman flipped her Chevy near 224 West and I-76. This would be about the time to call AAA and get the vehicle to a shop for damage repairs, right? Not so much. The car landed right-side-up on all four wheels, so the wannabe stunt driver drove off, through some grass, and back onto the highway.

Two problems: First, the tires on the left side of her car were gone. Second, she was going the wrong way on the highway, heading east in the westbound lanes, according to NewsNet5.

She hit a passing car — those passengers were unharmed — and kept going, more than a mile until cops were able to pull her over and put an end to her wrong-way sprint toward destruction. The driver was taken to a local hospital — her injuries and identity have not been released.


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