The Akron Aeros Continue Their Quest to Make You Fat


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First, there was the hot dog stuffed in a brat stuffed in a kielbasa. Then there was the hamburger stuffed with a hot dog. You would think the Akron Aeros would be done concocting calorie and fat-laden concessions for fans this year.


You're familiar with the dollops of ice cream served in mini replica helmets at ballparks? Try a regular sized helmet filled with ice cream. Yeah, the Aeros are going there. Grab your lactose-intolerant pills and come along for the creamy journey.

Via to the team's website, here are the details of the 21-scoop fiasco.

Fans wanting to enjoy dessert at Canal Park have a new option alongside the traditional ice cream cone. “The Screamer” is built on a one-pound chocolate brownie and includes 21 scoops of hand-dipped ice cream, four bananas, covered with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles, served in a full-size souvenir Aeros replica batting helmet. Fans can mix and match the following hand-dipped ice cream choices:

• Moose Tracks
• Buckeye Blitz
• Cookies & Cream
• Mint Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate
• Vanilla

The Aeros, it seems, have two goals this season: win baseball games, and kill you.


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