Pic of the Day: A Tricycle From the 1800s




You find old sweatpants and fifth-grade participation ribbons in your basement. John Wolf found a tricycle from the 1800s.

Via the Sandusky Register:

Wolf's son, Robby Wolf, recently rediscovered the tricycle in the basement of his Sandusky home when he was moving aside some G.I. Joe figures and Lionel Trains — collector's items in their own right.

The company's origin dates back to 1885 in Elyria, when it started as The Worthington Co., which built tricycles and wheelchairs. The company changed its name in 1910 to The Colson Co., then moved to Arkansas in 1953, according to colsoncaster.com.

The manufacturer offered $550 for the tricycle, wanting to bring it down and put it on display in Arkansas. The Wolfs politely declined; they've sent it to Sotheby's for an appraisal instead.

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