What to Expect From Charlie Sheen's Show Tuesday Night?




Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Irrelevance comes to Playhouse Square tomorrow night. Tickets to his live show were outrageously priced but sold out quickly.

What should Cleveland expect? Well, Sheen's first show in Detroit was a boo-inspiring display of arrogance and complete non-planning. Chuckles didn't even complete his "show." Via Gawker:

According to reports, "Violent Torpedo" was a disjointed, self-indulgent, unfunny mess of old clips featuring Sheen, stupid catchphrases, a video of him playing Call of Duty and unfortunate dissing of Detroit. When audience members started booing, he replied "I've already got your money, dude." So, yes, a failure.

But then there was the second show, in Chicago, which went... surprisingly... much, much better.

Via the Sun Times:

Unlike in Detroit, an opening act was nixed. Dressed in a sweatpants and a bright blue T-shirt, which he ultimately gave to an audience member in exchange for the topless man’s billowing green one — Sheen took the stage at 8:15 p.m. to a standing ovation and chants of “Detroit sucks!”

Almost under his breath, the actor responded, “No, they don’t,” before launching into his ice-breaker. “I wrote you a letter,” Sheen said. “Dear f——— awesome Chicago. I am a veteran of a disturbing odyssey that had me question the very nature of my soul . . . I am speaking, of course, about last night in Detroit.”

The show changed considerably in just a day, this time merely featuring the “Two and a Half Men” star being questioned by an interviewer about various hot-button issues: his marriages, how he met his two live-in girlfriends “the goddesses,” drugs.

So what happens when Sheen comes to Cleveland Tuesday night? For the sake of everyone that paid money to be in attendance, hopefully more of the latter and less of the former, but anything's possible.

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