Willard Woman Gets 15 Balloons of Heroin in "Body Cavity"


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Color us curious.
  • Color us curious.

File this away under WTF. Because what else ruffles up your concept of humanity than a story about someone stowing large amounts of narcotics in their underhead compartment.

This particular data point in the ongoing fall of Western Civilization comes out of Willard, where 31-year-old Sheri Rister was taking a Sunday drive in her Chevy Malibu with a syringe in her bra and $450 of heroin secreted away in an unspecified “body cavity,” according to the Morning Journal.

A sheriff’s deputy spotted Willard, who was wanted on a heroin possession warrant. He pulled her over and made an arrest. He found seven syringes in the car in addition to the single one on her person.

Later, at the station, Rister told law enforcement she was sitting with 15 balloons of heroin in a special place. In case you were wondering (and I’m sure you wanted more detail), Rister “retrieved” the items herself, the article says.


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