Cuyahoga Falls Mayor is Scared of Goth Kids, Piercings




Cuyahoga Falls is all aflutter over a proposed 8:00 p.m. curfew for anyone under 18. Proponents say that the riverfront area has become a meeting ground for the dreaded undesirables. Loitering kids are hanging out under bridges, and that, friends, calls for drastic action.

Mayor Don Robart is particularly worried about a couple of things: goth kids and piercings. He also may or may not want you to get off his lawn and turn down your hippity-hop music.

Patch reports that the police chief is genuinely concerned for the safety of kids after Akron officers spotted "gangbangers" from the inner-city. Mayor Robart, on the other hand, thinks that if shop at Hot Topic, you're a menace to society. Enjoy the insanity in the video below.

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