Cuyahoga Prescription Discount Card Good for the Dogs




Last year, Cuyahoga County unveiled its Prescription Discount Card, which is good for an average of 22 percent off at major pharmacies everywhere. Advertised at county employment offices, the program is free to everyone and is not restricted by income or existing insurance.

Also not restricted: The beneficiary’s species. The discount can be used for pet medications stocked by human pharmacies. That means there is no break on pricey heartworm or flea meds, but the discount does apply to antibiotics, skin salves, and a litter of other pet fixes available at your local Walgreens.

Since the program launched last June, some 7,000 prescriptions have been filled, with an average savings of $11 each. The company that administers the plan could not say how many prescriptions were filled for non-human creatures.

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