Outdoor Smoking Ban Proposed in Cleveland




Councilman Joe Cimperman, who obviously doesn't enjoy trips to flavor country, has proposed an ordinance to ban smoking in public places "connected to the city of Cleveland."

Via NewsNet5, that would include:

- City-owned public parks
- City-owned outdoor recreation areas
- City-owned swimming pools
- Picnic shelters within city-owned parks & recreation areas
- Public Square
- Downtown malls open to the public
- City-owned cemeteries
- Defined areas adjacent to city-owned buildings that are used by the public

We've hardly been able to pay our respects at city-owned cemeteries because of the dense, lingering fog of cigarette smoke, so we're abundantly thankful to Mr. Cimperman and company for attempting to rectify the situation.

With an air of good PR but nothing resembling tangible health benefits, the ban would bring fines of $150 for first-time offenders and $250 for repeat smokers.

The health and human services committee will discuss the ordinance on April 11 in a meeting that will surely not resemble a scene from Mad Men.

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