Local Beer a Bit Pricey at Indians Games




Credit the Indians for offering more options to fans each year. For example, the "Your Dad's Beer" selections, including sub-$5 PBR, Blatz, and other offerings usually only found at the bottom shelf of beer coolers and atop beer-pong tables. The thrifty and hipstery are thankful.

In addition to the domestic swill your grandfather digs, the Tribe is also offering local craft brew selections, including The Brew Kettle's 4 C's and the Hippie IPA from Buckeye Brewing. The problem? 22 oz. servings run $15.75 for the Brew Kettle's booze and $19.75 for the Hippie IPA to $29.95 for a Hoppin Frog Black and Tan.

CNBC's Darren Rovell tweeted
that the Indians stocked 6 $29.95 beers on Opening Day and sold out. CLE Hops defends the pricing, arguing that watery, flat Buds are already $7+, so why not spring for craft beer and support a local company.

Um, we'll support them elsewhere.

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