Former Indians Prospect Wins $1 Million in Lottery




The Cleveland Indians cut 21-year-old Joel Torres from the minor league system last month. Bummer. His hopes and dreams of one day landing in the majors and collecting a big pay-day took another blow.

As far as cash flow goes, however, he will be just fine. The outfielder had bought a "Sweet Millions" lottery ticket in February when he stopped back in Queens to visit his mom. That ticket was worth a cool $1 million — $660,300 after taxes. As Big League Stew points out, the best part of the story might just be that Torres picked up his gigantic check over the weekend while wearing... you guessed it... a Cleveland Indians hat.

Via the New York Post:

"The first thing I plan to do with the money is buy my mom a new house," said Torres. He said the money will allow him to pursue his hopes of playing ball in the major leagues.

"My dream, since I was a kid, is baseball. That's what I'm going to continue doing. I'm going to keep swinging, swinging for the fences," Torres said.

No word if he will use part of his winnings to send a garbage bag stuffed with the dung from ten elephants to the front office of the Cleveland Indians.

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