Hear an Exclusive Song From the Big Sweet's New Album



Cant wait for cake!
  • Can't wait for cake!

We like Cleveland-Canton teen indie rockers the Big Sweet. And apparently they like us.

The band just gave us the first song from their new album, Ultraviolet Rain, which comes out in June.

If the new album is anything like last year's debut, Shot of Bliss, then we're probably gonna like it. A lot.

"Laces" sounds like an early blast of summer, filled with jangly power-pop guitars and tinkling piano.

The Big Sweet open for the Smithereens at the Tangier on April 29. Their CD-release show is on June 3 at the Auricle in Canton.

"Laces" is below (did we mention it's an exclusive, and the only place you can hear it is here?). Let us know what you think. —Michael Gallucci

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