Politics Breaks Up State Senators' Living Arrangement


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Who got the flat screen?
  • Who got the flat screen?

You know politics is really starting to get ugly when it’s breaking up homes. Even just temporary-swingin’-state- capitol-pad-type homes.

For state reps, it’s not uncommon for a few to roomie-up in an apartment or condo in Columbus. It’s kind of like college, except with more beer bongs and less responsibility. However, it looks like the debate over controversial Senate Bill 5 has divided the abode of two Republican state senators.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Senator Bill Seitz has moved out of the condo he shared with Senate President Tom Neihaus.

The squabble came after Niehaus took away Seitz’ position as chairman of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, a move he justified by saying his roommate was “was preparing a substitute version of a bill without informing the sponsor.”

Seitz seems to think the issue is more political than advertised. He’s against the collective-bargaining slaughter house that’s been making the rounds in Columbus and the loss of the chairmanship was retaliation, he claims.
"I've decided he can have his condominium to himself," Seitz quipped to the paper. "I don't have the money for those high-priced digs since I lost my chairmanship."


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