18,500 Dead People on Ohio Voter Rolls



Wed let her vote.
  • We'd let her vote.

Remember last year when the Columbus Dispatch reported that as many as 5,800 dead people remained on Ohio voter rolls? (Or that 16 dead people were credited with voting in elections?)

Turns out the number is much higher. Secretary of State Jon Husted says a new report shows almost 18,500 deceased voters still on the rolls, according to the AP. The number would have been higher, but someone informed Husted that Dick Goddard was really still alive.

Husted says county election boards should purge the six-feet-unders from the state's roster post-haste, and said that Ohio needs a better centralized system for ensuring your great-great grandfather isn't registered to vote in Cuyahoga County. In the meantime, politicians are scheming on how to land the coveted zombie and ghost vote in the next election cycle.

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