Case Western Working on Awesome Robotic Wheelchairs




Motorized wheelchairs were a huge development in helping disabled/old folks get around. The problem? What if grandma pushes the gas a little too hard and careens off the stairs? Or into traffic? Or down a hill?

Case Western Reserve University students are working on a solution: robotic wheelchairs which filter your requested movements and check for safety hazards. Cool, right? There's more. They're also working on voice-command technology, so gram could say, "Take me to the fridge," or, "Open the fridge," or, "Make me a sloe gin fizz already, dammit" and her wheelchair would do it. OK, maybe not the last one, but Case is definitely working on requests like the first two.

Video below, including a blindfolded guy working a wheelchair with an X-box controller.

(Via Crunch Gear)

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