Good Samaritans Rescue Infant from I-90 Crash


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We feature enough bizarre crime and cover enough degenerates in this space to make anyone believe the world is populated with nothing but lunatics, so here's an uplifting tale from a sad situation instead.

A serious accident shut down I-90 east yesterday. One of the cars involved in the wreck was carrying a 3-month-old and a 6-year-old girl. Both were trapped in the crush of steel. A bystander sprung into action.

Via Fox 8:

[Derrick] Miller ran across I-90 to assist with the rescue efforts. A longtime friend happened to be driving by and also stopped.

The baby girl was trapped in the crushed back seat, choking and turning blue. Miller tried to reach her, but he couldn't.

"My friend Dray jumped out of his car and dove through the window to get to the baby," said Miller.

Once the infant was freed from the wreckage, Miller held her while two other women, who also stopped, began checking her vital signs and sweeping her mouth.

"I could hear her sister say, 'I don't want my sister to die. I don't want my sister to die,' and I was like, 'please God, don't let this baby die in my arms,' " said Miller.

After being pulled from the wreckage, the infant began breathing again. Both children were taken to Metro and were listed in serious condition.


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