Guns and Bars Bill Moves Forward




By the time you read this post, the Ohio Senate may have already passed a piece of legislation that would shake up the state’s rules for conceal and carry holders. Like its complement bill in the House, Senate Bill 17 would let permit holders carry their weapons in places that sell alcohol as long as they aren’t consuming.

Yesterday, the Senate committee voted 7-2 to move the bill forward, according to the Columbus Dispatch. A full vote on the matter could come pretty quickly.

Under the current law, a permit holder is not allowed to carry where alcohol is served. This revision has been strongly opposed by law enforcement groups as well as the state’s restaurant and bar associations. Both say guns and booze don’t mix, bottom line. But that noise has done little to slow the roll of the legislation.

Keep your attention glued to Scene for more comprehensive story. Should this piece of legislation become law, you could be sharing counter space with someone packing heat, which in the words of one popular bar manager we spoke with today, is “scary.”

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