DUI Suspect Shows up to Court Drunk




If you've already been popped for driving drunk, there's little you can do to make the situation worse. Getting nabbed for a second DUI before your court date is on the short list of things bound to complicate your already messy legal situation.

Another: showing up to your court appearance drunk, which is frowned upon in general, and specifically ridiculous if your offense was alcohol-related.

47-year-old Elizabeth Ehrhardt did just that, according to the Sandusky Register.

Ehrhardt was in court on charges of OVI, driving without a license, and improper turning. You can add intoxication to that list now.

Judge Erich O'Brien asked cops to check her blood alcohol level after it was quite apparent that she was wobbly and slurry during her appearance. The verdict: a 0.191 percent score. Not good.

On the upside... um... there... well... at least she didn't hurl a half-full 40 of Mad Dog at the judge?

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