Thief Arrested After Leaving His Cell Phone at Crime Scene


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Pro tip: If you're going to rob someone, don't leave behind your cell phone, especially if the phone has your picture on it.

According to Cleveland Heights Patch
, 21-year-old Carl Sanders should be more careful not to leave behind incriminating evidence in the future. Back in February, Sanders allegedly approached a car at a gas station on Woodland Avenue. The victims — a 31-year-old woman and a 37-year-old man — had a gun stuck in their faces as Sanders made away with cash, her purse, a coat, and other items.

The pair were making their way into the gas station to dial the cops when they heard a phone ringing. It was Sanders'; he left it outside the car. They answered. The voice on the other end asked: "What did you get?" Oh, and Sanders took the helpful step of leaving a picture of himself on the phone for cops to use in their search. (We'd like to think the pic was of the cheesy, Myspace-ish, mirrorshot variety, but no details were immediately available.)

He was arrested on April 4 on charges of robbery and theft.


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