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We've long had a dream of chronicling public bathrooms around Cleveland. Chuckle if you want, but a comprehensive database of restrooms based on cleanliness, convenience, suitability, privacy, etc., would be a landmark and useful accomplishment and a monumental public service to the citizens of this city.

How many times have you been out around town and an emergency strikes? It happens to all of us. What happens if the men's stall has no doors? What if it's a uni-sex bathroom with a line? What if the place is notorious for not having toilet paper? The What If's go on and on.

Thankfully, someone is taking on the task of disseminating crucial bathroom information one toilet at a time. Welcome @ClePoops on Twitter.

The reviews are limited so far, but the folks behind the feed are systematically breaking down bathrooms as they come across them, giving useful information such as this:

Around the Corner, Lakewood. 2 bathrooms. Potential to be clean but nowhere to sit on a Fri or Sat night

Or this:

@Reddstone surprisingly clean for older building. Functional lock. Perfect for emergencies

This might just be the most useful Twitter feed in the greater Cleveland area. Give 'em a follow, folks.

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