Could Betty Sutton, Not Dennis Kucinich, Lose in GOP Redistricting?




As Ohioans search for hints and clues on how the GOP plan to redistrict Ohio, almost all the attention has been on Dennis! Kucinich. Gleaning from various reports, you'd think it is a foregone conclusion that Republicans will eliminate the Dennis! district.

The Washington Post's The Fix blog runs down the top ten reps most in danger of having their districts excised from the map and points out two things: First, that all the Dennis! news seems to be coming from... yeah... Dennis! And second, that it actually makes more sense for the GOP to attack Betty Sutton's stronghold.

5. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio): While media attention has focused on the possibility that iconic liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich will lose his seat — much of it stoked by Kucinich himself — Sutton is the more obvious target for Republican line-drawers. With Ohio losing two districts, the GOP will want to eliminate one of the three Cleveland-area Democratic seats. Parts of her district can simply be parceled off to the three Democrats she borders — Reps. Kucinich, Marcy Kaptur and Tim Ryan. That would leave her with few good options; she’s not likely to win a primary against any of her current colleagues.

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