State Legislators Mount Legal Attack on JobsOhio



Getting tense over there.
  • Getting tense over there.

Two area state representatives are taking aim at one of Governor John Kasich’s pet projects.

Dems Mike Skindell, a Lakewood state senator, and Dennis Murray, a Sandusky representative, have teamed with in a lawsuit against JobsOhio, the public/private hybrid non-profit the governor cooked up to put more Ohioans in gainful employment. You have to sympathize with Kasich a bit here; he tires to think outside the box but can barely back out of the garage before the attacks start coming.

And ProgressOhio versus JobsOhio — probably the least exciting ticket match up since Danny Bonaduce beat the hell out of Screech on VH1’s Celebrity Rock Money Rehab Charm Love Barf #2.

According to WKYC, the thrust of the legal challenge argues Kasich has violated the state constitution. Under the JobsOhio plan, Kasich chairs a board of eight CEOs. This chairmanship, however, runs counter to provisions in the statute that forbid governors from running businesses while in office, the suit claims. The complaint was filed today with the Ohio Supreme Court.

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