Fight Breaks Out at McDonald's Hiring Day




A big “X” marked many a calendar today, as McDonald’s held a national hiring day in hopes of corralling 50,000 new workers. According to reports this morning, numerous local locations in Empire of the Golden Arches reported lines out the door.

Unfortunately, this afternoon a fight broke out at the McDonald’s at St. Clair Ave. and East 105th Street after applicants were turned away, according to Fox8. Three individuals were injured and taken to the hospital*. Police have arrested one individual and are looking for another.

With our ears ever-pressed to the streets, Scene has been able to drum up more details.

This has yet to be officially confirmed, but sources close to the situation tell Scene the altercation broke out after Ronald McDonald, Officer Big Mac and the Hamburgler attempted to subdue a tall, bearded, be-robed and crowned individual who showed up to the event drunk. This character, his feet shaking and frame struggling to support his irregularly large head, taunted the applicants waiting in line.

“You’re lovin’ it. Yeah, you are. You’re looooovin’ it. I’m looovin’ it too,” the individual was reported to have said as he attempted to grab a female waiting for an interview. A struggle with security commenced, but the suspect escaped before police could snag him. He was last seen running toward a nearby Taco Bell.

* And we hope they’re okay.

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