Your Guide to Summer Construction in Cleveland




Spring is around the corner(ish), and if the Tribe are playing at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, that means ODOT's orange barrels will be dotting Cleveland roadways really soon. has a breakdown of all of ODOT's projects — a handy guide to know just where your detours and delays will be and when your beautiful sunny days will be ruined by jack-hammering and flaggers in yellow vests. Read it all here, and then weep softly and make plans to watch a lot of movies on your couch.

A summary, for those of you with short attention spans:

When: All the freaking time.

Where: Every-freaking-where.

Severity: Better than having Carl Monday knock on your door; worse than being ordered to watch 24 straight hours of 19 Action news.

Expected Delays: Somewhere between "Following a minivan with a 'Jesus is my co-pilot' bumper sticker in 6 inches of snow" and "Waiting for Jimmy Dimora to get in his car after a Hometown Buffet stop."

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