Video: Car Runs Into Crowd at McDonald's Hiring Day in Cleveland (Updated)




Update III: More bizarre updates to the bizarre story. Cedrica Johnson, the passenger in the car that hit a bunch of people at McDonald's on hiring day, skipped her court date today. A warrant has been issued for her arrest. McMoron. (WOIO)

Update II: Stacey Matthews pleaded not guilty Monday to three felony counts of aggravated vehicular assault. (Fox 8)

Update: Stacey Matthews, the 22-year-old who hit four people with a car during the McDonald's melee earlier this week, has surrendered to police. Cops had issued a felonious assault warrant. (WOIO)


Yesterday, we brought you news of a fight at a local McDonald's in Cleveland during the restaurant's National Hiring Day blitz.

Details began to emerge this morning about how the incident, which involved a car running into a crowd, went down. NewsNet5 has the chain of events, but the quick summary of where we're at right now: four injured, none seriously, passenger of the car arrested (Natasha Grayer, pictured), driver on the run and yet to be nabbed by police.

Oh, and there's also video showing the whole, disturbing event. (Skip ahead to the one-minute mark for the car-into-crowd awfulness.)

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