'Aggressive Drivers' Being Targeted in Cleveland




You may notice an uptick in cruiser presence along I-271 and I-90 in the coming weeks, and if you're driving like an asshole, they're going to notice you.

State troopers are camping out specifically to target "aggressive drivers," by which we assume they mean the good ones, but whatever. Eight troopers have been assigned to Cuyahoga County where they'll be casting a wary eye in search of tailgaters and other assorted miscreants.

If you're not sure what constitutes "aggressive driving," neither are we, except to say with 100% certainty that this qualifies.


Violations like improper lane changing and following too close will get you pulled over, and in some cases, a ticket.

At night, troopers will be looking for people who are drinking and driving.

"People going ten over, 70 in a 60. Trying to push cars over to another lane. That's the aggressiveness of following too closely," Power said.

During Wednesday's evening rush hour on I-90 and I-271, Powers pulled over four drivers for aggressive behavior.

In each of the instances, the drivers told Trooper Powers they didn't realize they were at fault.

Be careful to keep a safe distance and a reasonable speed, otherwise we'll flick you off while speeding up to keep pace with you so we can curse you out.

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