Ohio Attorney General Goes After Blast




Remember the furor over Four Loko? Turns out AGs across the country, not to mention the FDA, weren't done with caffeine-powered, alcohol-bloated debauchery that was casually labeled "blackout in a can."

There's a new liquid villain on their radar these days: Blast, a colorfully packaged, high-alcohol content product from the fine folks at Colt 45, which is owned by Pabst.

According to the AP, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is linking arms with other AGs in a solidified wet-blanket effort. They want Pabst to tone down the booze meter in Blast, which currently clocks in at 12% alcohol. DeWine, who says one 23.5-ounce can of Blast could be called "binge in a can," is the same as drinking four regular beers.

Their other big problem as they try to put Blast on... well.. blast: Blast's marketing, which has pretty colors and Snoop Dogg. The contention is that it's geared toward kids. Clearly, Mike DeWine is unaware of the current state of Snoop's career or the current demographic makeup of his fan base.

You can tell Pabst is making a concerted effort not to market to kids, in fact. If they were, they'd have used Billy D Williams. Everyone knows middle-schoolers love them some Billy D.

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