Man Tries to Pay Cab Fare With Pot, Flips Off Cabbie


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For as much grief as cab drivers get, you have to admit they lead an unenviable existence. Drunks, belligerents, small tips, pushy fares, the constant threat of violence or being robbed — the gamut, most nights, could charitably be called eclectic, but more likely, it's one of stress and few rewards.

Nicholas Baker was one of those bad pickups. 19 Action News reports the 27-year-old Alliance man hailed a cab. A denizen from Empire Taxi showed up, loaded Baker into the backseat, and delivered him to his destination. Which is when things got weird.

First, Baker refused to pay. Then he tried to pay with pot. Then he told the cabbie his friends would bring out some cash. When that obviously didn't happen, he extended the middle-finger salute to the driver and said, "Go ahead and call the police, I'm [fucking] Nicholas Baker."

The cabbie took his chances with the cops despite Baker's warning, and as it turns out, they really didn't care that he was "[fucking] Nicholas Baker." Shocking. He was sentenced to 30 days in county jail where, undoubtedly, his "Do you know who I am?" routine will go over real swell with his fellow inmates.


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