Repent. The End is Upon Cleveland. Really.




Every so often one group or another tells us that the Rapture is coming. They name a date, tell people they better repent, and then.....well, nothing happens.

But listen up people! There really are only 25 more days to practice your preferred form of debauchery because Judgment Day is going to be May 21! We know this must be true because a caravan of five RVs, all painted with an end-times motif, was just spotted in the Warehouse District.

Funny thing — the RVs slowed down when they passed Scene's offices. Perhaps the people behind Family Radio and the caravan have a divine-insider's tip on Scene staff needing extra time to repent. Don't worry about us though. If we are left behind when everyone else goes to heaven, that's just more beer for us to drink

In all seriousness, Cleveland isn't being singled out by the group. The caravan is just stopping here for a couple days as part of a multi-city, national campaign of warning.

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