Drunk Man Bites Chunk of Flesh From Victim's Neck




A taste for blood? A Mike Tyson fan? Read too many Twilight books?

The excuse 48-year-old Sheldon Wade gave in court today for biting a three-inch chunk of flesh from a man's neck was much simpler and more predictable: "I was extremely drunk," he told the judge. Shocking.

The Canton Repository reports that back on February 19, Wade was making a menace of himself in his apartment building. He was two sheets to Charlie Sheen town. A concerned neighbor asked her stepfather to calm Wade down, which didn't work so well when Wade started throwing haymakers.

Things got all cannibal-like when Wade dug his teeth into the man's neck, ripping out a chunk of flesh in the process. Whoops.

Wade was sentenced to three years in prison. (The victim, incidentally, is fine, with the exception of a scar.)

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