Superman Plaque Stolen (Updated)


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  • Via the PD

OK, you can go back to whatever you were doing before you dropped everything and began your search for the stolen Superman plaque — it has been returned unharmed. The PD reports someone anonymously dropped it off at a fire station and it eventually made it back to its home. (


The plaque at St. Clair and E. 105th honoring Superman creators Siegel and Shuster has been stolen by some degenerate(s). Apparently nothing is sacred in Cleveland. Especially when some numb-nut thinks he's getting away with precious metal. Someone get resident C-town superhero Apama on the case.

Via the PD:

Tracey Kirksey, executive director of the Glenville Development Corporation, told police the memorial plaque was stolen two weeks ago. Thieves, perhaps believing the aluminum plaque was bronze because of its coloring, used a hacksaw to cut the large plaque off the pole.

The city put up the plaque in 2003, the 65th anniversary of the release of "Action Comics" No. 1, the first appearance of Superman.

Don't worry, folks, there is an upside. The original plaque had Jerry Siegel's name misspelled. The Glenville Development Corporation says that the replacement plaque will correct that mistake. No word on if it will also include a brief but stern warning that says, "This is not made out of bronze, dumbasses."


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