Where Artists Live in Cleveland




We felt like making acronym soup when we woke up this morning. Luckily a new report allows us to write the following sentence:

CAC (Cuyahoga Arts & Culture) passes along news from CPAC (Community Partnership for Arts & Culture), mined from the OAC (Ohio Arts Council) and others, about where artists in Cleveland live.

There. That satisfies our hunger.

Now to the actual news: A snapshot of what communities and neighborhoods harbor the most painters, singers, musicians, etc. in the Forest City.

Via Green City Blue Lake:

The top ranking artist clusters are:

* Lakewood (292 artists)
* Coventry Village in Cleveland Heights (217)
* Tremont (155)
* University Circle / Little Italy (130)
* The Severance neighborhood in Cleveland Heights (between Severance shopping center and Oakwood — 122)
* South Shaker Heights (Onaway-Lomond — 121)
* Downtown Cleveland’s Superior Warehouse District (110)
* Detroit-Shoreway (84 and rising)

They note that higher concentrations of artist-types are found where walking/biking is most convenient. Also, in places where cheap rent can be found, and, most importantly, where neighbors have the most tolerance for experimental throat singing and avant-garde nude public ballet.


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