John Boehner's Approval Ratings Slip



Giving them the finger.
  • Giving them the finger.

Rep John Boehner — the tan man trying to make good on a plan for American stability — suffered a bit of a blow today. According to the Dayton Daily News, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll says the Ohio Republican’s approval rating has slid: now, as many Americans who are stupid enough to answer poll questions view him unfavorably as favorably. The magic number is 34 percent. The other 66 percent go Boehner what?

The popularity contest was once not so dire for the Speaker. In January, after admiraling the Republican conquest of Washington, he was sitting pretty with a 42 percent favorability, the other side of the equation at 22 percent.

Predictably, Boehner is blaming the Democrats for this. He also cried about it. He’s actually crying right now. Did you hear that whimper? Tears and pain. Like him more, he’s saying. Please.

Here’s a quote from his spokesperson on the subject, beamed over to the Daily News. It’s partisan and doesn’t address the issue and now we want to see his birth certificate.

The Speaker is focused on the big challenges facing our country — and, thus far, the Democrats who still run Washington seem more focused on partisan attacks than real solutions.

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