Man Fires Shots After Mom Says He Can't Use Car



In the latest installment of Ma, the meatloaf!...

Cops in Clermont County Ohio got a call from a concerned mother after her son, 22-year-old Shon Robinson, grabbed a .22 rifle that the family kept in the house and started shooting up the walls, windows, doors, and anything else he could set his targets on.

What was the cause for the Dirty Harry impression? Mom wouldn't let him use the car.

19 Action News reports:

[Betty] Cox and her other son, Mason Crum, attempted to take the firearm from Robinson's possession during which Cox took a glass jug and struck Robinson in his head.

Robinson then dropped the rifle and fled the scene on foot prior to the arrival of deputies.

Deputies called Robinson on his cell phone which he had with him, and then found Robinson nearby and determined that he had not been shot, although blood was on him from cuts to his head.

Robinson was charged with improperly discharging a firearm and having weapons while under disability. No word on if he was allowed to have dessert after dinner.


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