Feuding Neighbors Brawl in Lorain




We told you last week that street-fighting season is officially open in Lorain. Well, it's doubly official now.

The Lorain Morning Journal has reports of a modern-day (but lamer) Hatfield and McCoy situation. It all started Saturday when cops were dispatched after bystanders saw Tony Hrpcha Sr. and Dale Pyles fighting.

The weapons of choice in this street fight: boards, hammers, and knives. How Lorain-y.

Officers learned Hrpcha has an ongoing fued with Jeff and Dale Pyles. Hrpcha’s son said that Hrpcha went out to fix his fence and had to do so by stepping onto the Pyles’ property. While Hrpcha was fixing the fence he was pulled away by Dale Pylea and Jeff Pyles hit him with a branch the report. stated A fight ensued and Hrpcha said he had to defend himself with pepper spray.

Hrpcha’s son said he tried to break up the fight and when he went to call police, Jeff Pyles hit him in the arm with a 2x4. Hrpcha’s other son said he put his hands on the fence to look over and was hit in the fingers with a hammer.

Dale Pyles claims that the Hrphcas, who could definitely stand to buy a vowel or two, were the instigators, attacking him with a hammer. His son, Jeff Pyles, says he didn't do nothing wrong, you see. But he was covered in mud, which made cops more than a little wary of his proclamations of innocence.

Tony Hrpcha Sr. was charged with assault, Jeff Pyles with felonious assault, and Dale Pyles with assault.

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