That Wasn't a UFO Over Lake Erie, Sorry




For years now, people in Euclid and Eastlake have filmed strange lights hovering over Lake Erie, claiming that UFOs are visiting our dear Great Lake because... they like walleye? Each time, The Man explains away the phenomenon by saying the "UFOs" are really just planes. Next they'll tell us that Dick Goddard is actually human. How gullible do they think we are?

Anyway, noted UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill uploaded new video recently that showed even more incontrovertible proof that aliens prefer damp, chilly weather for their Earthly visits. The proof: there were different color lights this time! Fox 8 was on the story, even landing an interview with Hill where he says the aliens know he's there filming.

Fox 8 really went all-out with those special effects to get Mark Zinni to disappear, no? Bravo.

Unfortunately, it turns out it wasn't aliens but simply lights from near Canada that are only visible to Ohioans under the most specific of circumstances. (Sure, man, sure.)

WOIO reports:

The Coast Guard contacted the Canadian Coast Guard and confirmed with them that they have multiple T.V. and radio towers along their shore directly across Lake Erie from where the lights were seen as well as a windmill farm.

The conditions for people here to see straight across to the Canadian border has to be just perfect, and it appears that is what happened last night.

The Coast Guard said they have had the same thing happen in the past, usually around this time of year.

Shocking that The Man has another explanation. We heartily recommend you don't remove tinfoil hat until further notice.

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