Kent State Gay Magazine Rejected by Printers Over Language




For almost 41 years now, the printers of this fine rag have inked enough curse words and naughty photos to entertain a conference of bishops. But the creators of Fusion, Kent State’s student-run LGBT publication, ran into trouble recently when they tried to go to press with a racy new issue of their own.

Fusion’s longtime printer, Freeport Press, balked at the sight of a photo spread of guys in their underpants accompanied by a curse word. We’d print it here, but our printer objects. Just kidding! The word was “fuck.”


Mayhem ensued when the printer determined the spread was too hot for its presses. Rather than nix the delightful filth, Fusion took its business elsewhere.

“Since we didn’t want to change the content and that the use of the word was purposeful, we just moved on,” says editor Raytevia Evans.

But Fusion’s road was fraught with further controversy. The next printer in line also objected, then another. None of the three companies returned Scene’s calls, but the boss of one of them, Davis Graphic of Barberton, told his firm couldn’t meet the deadline, adding: “It is not our policy to print pornography or profanity.”

Happily, that’s exactly the policy of Printing Concepts of Stow, which had no problems with Fusion’s copy but charged a premium for the work in light of the time crunch. Look for the new issue to hit campus this week.

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