Cuyahoga County Workers Receive Ethics Training



  • Ethics!

County Executive Ed FitzGerald brought Cuyahoga County workers together Monday for ethics training courtesy of the Ohio Ethics Commission. Gee, wonder what that's all about. Convening the meeting is much about PR as it is about actual training, but when bribes and ice-makers and keys to covert love-shack apartments have been passed around the halls of your government for ten-plus years, it's just something you have to do.

According to WTAM, FitzGerald said: "We’re trying to make sure we establish a new ethical culture within county government."

Employees were run through ethical standards, reviewing rules on gifts and impropriety for about an hour. We imagine this is how it went:

"Would Frank Russo think what you're doing is a good idea? Yes? OK, don't do it. If you asked Jimmy Dimora about this situation and he said it was totally kosher, don't do it. Someone offers to pave your kitchen in gold if you call a judge? Never do it. An unnamed woman is calling you from a hotel in Independence? Hang up. OK, anyone have any questions?"

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