Video Game Fight Leads to Real Fight


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Video games are serious business. They're poisoning the minds of our youth, desensitizing them to violence, and keeping them from wholesome outdoor activities like basketball or beating up the neighborhood runt. Or something.

Anyway, tempers can flare over video games, with virtual spats bleeding into the real world. Take a case from Westlake, for example.

Cops say two men who were attending a "Japanese animation video game conference" at a Holiday Inn (and definitely not getting laid in one of those hotel rooms later on), were duking it out on "Super Smash Bros." After some sort of disagreement, the 27-year-old Cleveland man and a 21-year-old Canal Fulton man got into an argument over the game.

One hour later, for reasons not explained in the Sun News report, the younger fella punched the "intoxicated" Cleveland man in the face. Cops showed up to break up the skirmish, which is when the Cleveland man thought it would be appropriate to spit on a police officer's face. Smooth move, Ferguson.

They were both taken in to the station, with the 21-year-old facing charges of assault. No word on if cops directed them to stick to Zelda next time.


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