26 Arrested In Car-Theft Ring Bust


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200 cars over the last 18 months. Five chop shops around the area. At least 26 people arrested. Quite the numbers to remind you that car theft isn't just a small-time, small-crew affair.

Cleveland police say the group represents the largest "auto theft ring" to operate in NEO in the last 25 years. Chances are if your Honda was stolen, these folks were the ones to take it.

As of yet, 11 suspects are still on the loose. No word on if that includes Nicolas Cage or Robert Duval.

According to the PD:

Cleveland police, along with the FBI, the State Highway Patrol and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office, arrested 26 people over the past several weeks, he said.

They were secretly indicted Tuesday on numerous felony counts, including involuntary manslaughter, auto theft, receiving stolen property, forgery and tampering with records. Officials would not discuss the involuntary manslaughter charges.

Authorities are still seeking 11 others.

McCartney said investigators recovered 24 vehicles — many pieced together with stolen parts — from the five chop shops.

And they weren't just targeting Cleveland. Authorities say they'd embark down to Akron and to other counties for their hauls, then bring the vehicles to a chop shop, and then unload parts "throughout the state."


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