Corrections Officer Charged With Raping Man, Woman (Updated)


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Update:James Belle was found guilty of raping a male inmate under his watch at the Cleveland House of Corrections. He'll be sentenced November 3. (19 Action News)


Meet James Belle, asshole of the week.

19 Action News reports that Bell, a corrections officer at the Cleveland House of Corrections, is facing two charges of rape for two very different alleged crimes.

The first deals with an inmate at the facility. A 24-year-old man who spent four days at the Cleveland House of Corrections says that Bell raped him in his room. The first report came back in March; charges were filed six weeks later.

The young man says he told the folks at the facility but they didn't take the accusation seriously but Highland Hills police did. They transported him to a local hospital where a rape kit was performed. Bell is charged with rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and sexual imposition.

Prosecutors have now filed a new rape charge against Bell for a separate incident involving a woman he met on a dating service.

19 Action News says that the victim talked to Belle on a phone chat line. No details yet on when or where the assault took place, but Bill Mason's office says it occurred "while Bell was under investigation for the sexual assault at the jail."


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