Gary Burton, Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Wife’s Pain


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For love.
  • For love.

If medical marijuana advocates were scanning the news vomit factory feed for a story baggy with potential empathy, enough emotional juice to make even your most stone-hearted pot-hater shed a tear, they’ve found it.

69-year-old Gary Burton was just trying to do right by his old lady, according to 19ActionNews. The Chippewa Lake resident wanted to mitigate the pain his wife was fielding due to breast cancer treatment and figured marijuana might help. Since Chippewa Lake doesn’t seem to have either a head shop, alt-weekly, Craig's List or handy courier service, he decided to grow a medicinal crop himself.

Burton’s two plants were discovered and he was popped by police. This morning, Burton was sentence to 60 days in jail, 30 days of house arrest and two years of drug testing.


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