Cavs Take Back Job Offer from Ted Williams, Homeless Superstar Turned Fameball Flameout




Way back in 2010, the Cavaliers very publicly offered Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, a job doing voice-over work for the Cavs and Quicken Loans Arena. They even offered him a house.

Then Williams went all celeb flipout on the world, entering rehab, leaving rehab, entering rehab again, and displaying just about every personality trait which could ruin all the goodwill he garnered with his rags-to-rehab story. But the Cavs (and other companies) stood by him, at least at first, and at least until it became all too apparent that Williams was a hot mess. But you knew they couldn't stand too long, which is why the last line from this News-Herald Cavs story is not surprising at all:

— The man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, is no longer associated with the Cavs. The homeless man was offered a position with the team, but it never came to fruition. He's reportedly back in drug and alcohol rehab.

Unless Ted Williams breaks into Dan Gilbert's house and makes sweet, sweet love to a cardboard cutout of LeBron James on Gilbert's desk while the webcam is on, this will likely be the last update on the homeless man with the golden voice.

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