The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to thriving in fabulous Cleveland.

Bracing for a Brownout: Downtown businesses fear economic impact of a prolonged NFL lockout and potential shortened season. But so far, no complaints from the fine folks who clean up Sunday vomit in the Muni Lot.

Celebrate Diversity
: Sam Miller agrees to induct new members into Cleveland International Hall of Fame. Offer nearly fell apart when Miller learned it is not a secret ceremony involving ritual goat sacrifice and he will not get to shoot each inductee in the leg with a vintage Colt .45.

Goodbye, Golden Voice: Cavaliers cut ties with Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the golden touch for rehab. Dan Gilbert announces the move in synchronized Twitter rants, Comic Sans press releases, and unhinged quotes to media. “This guy is just too much of a loose canon,” says Gilbert.

This Week's Index: You’re that homeless guy who walked two steps behind the Public Square pot march to score himself a free buzz.

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