House to Vote On Guns In Bars Today



You start with the one on the outside, stupid.
  • "You start with the one on the outside, stupid."

Update: House Bill 45 has passed 56-40, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Locked and loaded.


We just got airmail delivery that the Ohio House of Representatives is getting ready to pull the trigger on a vote for a controversial piece of legislation Scene readers might be familiar with. Yes, guns in bars is nigh. Once we can confirm this via telegrams, we’ll send out a rider to follow-up.

According to Columbus’ News Channel 10, House Bill 45 — a piece of legislation that would allow permit holders to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants as long as they’re not drinking — is up for a vote Wednesday. The bill is a room-splitter, which gun rights organizations arguing the presence of firearms can make such establishments safer, and others(police, restaurant associations, bartenders, etc) leery of bringing heat into such a situation.

Stay tuned. Once we see the smoke signals in the southern sky, we’ll update.

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