Man Arrested for Running Naked on Beach




Walnut Beach is not a nude beach. That is a relevant fact. Also, there are no nude beaches in Northeast Ohio. That is also pertinent to this story. The free-wheeling and free-balling spirit of Europe hasn't yet arrived on the shores of Lake Erie.

According to the Ashtabula Star Beacon
, 40-year-old Donald McCune drew the attention of a woman when he decided to go au naturel this week on the scenic sands of Walnut Beach. Details from the report seem to hint that McCune might not have all his faculties, so we'll hold off on the jokes.

The woman said the man was running on the beach and along the breakwall saying, “I love you,” and muttering, at about 9:45 a.m.

The man was alone, she said.

Ashtabula Police Capt. Gerald Cornelius and Lt. Rodney Blaney arrived on the scene.

“He has no interest in covering up,” Cornelius said. “He’s lying on his side and yelling and hollering."

An ambulance arrived for the suspect, who said he left his clothes near a railroad track where he camps out. Unfortunately, officers could not find them. "His pants are nowhere around," Cornelius said at the time.

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