Dennis Kucinich Might Run in Maine Now


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Dennis! Kucinich is just toying with the public at this point, fanning the flames of the rumor mill because no one loves a spotlight quite like Dennis!

The past week has seen speculation that Dennis! might take his tall, beautiful wife and pocket-sized copy of the Constitution to Washington state to run for Congress if, as some suspect, Ohio's redistricting eliminates Dennis!' district.

Now, Cleveland Magazine reports that Dennis! blasted out an email confirming that he's at least considered the idea of seeking a seat in another state, and this time he included Maine as an option. Of course.

Dropping hints about what he'll do if Ohio Republicans carve up his district, he not only name-drops Washington State, he ups the ante by adding Maine — if only to give the idea coast-to-coast sweep.

It's not terribly different from what his spokesman said last week, but for him to announce he's bouncing the idea around is still a big deal.

At this point, it might be easier to simply update Dennis!' whackadoodle crusade when he announces states in which he has not considered running. That or the next time he sues somebody.


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