Man Arrested After Blocking Sewer With Carpet, Threatening Neighbor




This week's rainstorms have been stressful for everyone. From delayed commutes to watery walks, from the dreary atmosphere to flooded basements, a bounty of precipitation has precipitated headaches across Northeast Ohio.

Flooded basements, above all, are the most costly and inconvenient of the showers' side effects. But despite the stress, lost time, and lost dollars, there is one reaction to water damage in your home, no matter how deep the waters get or how often they come flowing in, that is never acceptable: stuffing old carpet in sewers without a shirt on and threatening to shoot your neighbor.

According to 19 Action News, John Kish did just that.

Cops say they found the 56-year-old Parma man standing "in the water, with no shirt on, giving the middle finger to his neighbors," after they tried to remove the carpet he had stuffed in a sewer Thursday.

Kish wasn't having any of their interference. "Don't, I'm locked and loaded," he allegedly replied.

Police arrested him for "aggravated menacing, dumping refuse in a sewer and disorderly conduct while intoxicated," and obviously didn't let him grab a shirt before they snapped his mugshot. Adding insult to injury, he's probably not going to be invited to the neighborhood block party this summer.

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