Peyton Hillis Wants Madden to Make His Biceps Bigger, and More Facts About the Albino Rhino




Cleveland Browns running back, wild boar hunter, and Madden cover boy Peyton Hillis talked with ESPN during a photo shoot in Times Square for the video game. Hillis divulged a plethora of interesting nuggets about his life, his guns, his hurdling, and more.

On his character in last year's version of Madden:

Peyton Hillis: To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with him. They had the face mask and all, but I look skinny. I thought they would've done me a little more justice than that.

Jon Robinson: Is that your advice for "Madden 12," to get your guns in there?

Peyton Hillis: Oh yeah, before speed or anything else, you want to look good.

On wearing nice clothes for all his new-found marketing opportunities:

Peyton Hillis: The sky is the limit. Anything can happen at this point; you just hope that it will all be positive. It's funny, because I don't have too many suits for all of these appearances. I only have two suits and I got them both in the past couple of weeks. We'll see how that works out.

On what qualities his character should have in this year's installment of Madden:

Peyton Hillis: I run with 4.55 speed, so I'm not fast, but it's not slow. I should be somewhere in the 87-89 area for speed. Then for toughness, I think they should give me 100. I don't care if other players in the game can catch me as long as I can just knock them over or jump over them. I think the hurdle should definitely be 100.

Read the whole interview at ESPN.

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