Anthony Bourdain Coming to Cleveland


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Author, TV host, and world-traveler Anthony Bourdain will stop by PlayhouseSquare November 4 for a live show.

His Travel Channel show, "No Reservations," is a cult-like, must-watch, much-celebrated affair; his best-selling books, both Kitchen Confidential, and Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and People Who Cook, are engrossing, and enlightening, and filled with compelling insidery-y insights into the food world, all told through Bourdain's immediately recognizable voice.

His live show? Who the hell knows? Some rudimentary Googling shows that his live appearances consist of a 30-minute or so monologue (mainly rehashing stuff you've probably read in his books or heard him say before, say, about the Food Network, or cooking, or shitty restaurants), and then he takes audience questions. Reviews seem to be a mixed bag; the takeaway: you'll probably love it if you love him.

(And he loves Cleveland, once writing: "A place so incongruously and uniquely...seductive that I often fantasize about making my home there. Though I've made television all over the world, often in faraway and "exotic" places, it's the Cleveland episode that is my favorite—and one about which I am most proud.")

If that's you, tickets can be had for $57.50, $42.50, or $27.50. If that's not you, his TV show is still free and we're sure there's a paperback copy of Medium Raw or Kitchen Confidential at Half-Price books for a five-spot.


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