Mayor Jackson to Discuss City Layoffs


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Update: Fox 8 reporter Todd Meany tweeted: "321 layoffs in city of cleveland. 123 in police. 51 firefighters. Public works 79. Other positions will be unfilled for total of 466 jobs." (Yes, that math doesn't quite add up, but it gives a general breakdown. Accurate totals hopefully coming soon.)


The unfortunate news is due to fall sometime today: Mayor Frank Jackson has called a late morning meeting to chat on how the state’s drastic budget surgery will negatively impact city of Cleveland employees.

It’s been reported that the loss of $35.7 million in state money could slim down the city’s workforce by 350 to 400 employees, including police and fire jobs. However, 19ActionNews is already reporting where the first cuts will come in the courts:

19 Action News has already learned 37 people will lose their jobs. Of the 37, 11 are courtroom bailiffs, 12 are probation officers and 6 are magistrates.

The court employees 326 total, so the cuts effect more than 10% of those employed.


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